Recent Committee Decisions

E-Meeting 15.11.19 to 18.11.19


It was resolved by the committee (nem con) that Treasurer Veronica Lowe is authorised to open a Community account with Nat West Bank in Gloucester as soon as possible. The account to be operated with two signatories for cheques from a list including Veronica Lowe, Peter Cripps, and Bill Taylor. Electronic banking to be operated by Veronica Lowe

Now 388 on e-mail list (+3 on month, +27 on year)
Events in Diary 202 for April, 223 for May so far (Have just received, after much reminding, programmes from GMM and Stroud! - Why is everything so difficult?)
262 entries in Directory of Performers (-1 on month, +18 on year)
1 mailing to the list this month, plus 1 just to morris sides
Astrid & I represented Glosfolk at Royal Society of St George Service on April 23
Slight amendment to 'Business side of folk' page to reflect new upcoming copyright position on photos.
AGM booked for Tuesday July 2 at Fountain. (Thanks Bill) Will send out preliminary notice on June 1, and formal notice on June 14 or so. Need to think about letting me have items for annual report,etc


Hi All
If you look at the Glosfolk Performance Plan for the current year, with two months to go, we have added 24 to the mailing list, now 385. How can we boost up numbers a bit more - it would be great to get to 400!
We have also added 13 more to Directory of Performers, and exceeded our target, but I am pretty sure there are more performers not listed - do you know of anyone?
The other areas where we have not done so well are press & radio mentions, and displaying the Glosfolk Information Stand. Any ideas?
We ought to think about fixing a date for the AGM. What about 4th June at Fountain? If OK, can Bill fix it with the pub?

January was a good month for activity:
1206 web site hits, a record! (Diary 698, Directory 371, MySpace 137, Twitter nothing)
Mailing list 381 no change overall. Quite a few additions, but balanced by losses due to bouncing e-mails - four mailings this month, each mailing results in a few addresses being unavailable, so I delete them.
Diary entries 214 in January, but February up to 228 already.
Some useful publicity in press etc.

Having heard (very late) that we were not going to be allowed to exhibit the Glosfolk Information Stand at The Gloucestershire Music Hub networking event at Cheltenham Town Hall (although supposedly a 'partner' in the hub) and taking into account the abandonment of the target for all children to get the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, and also that all genres of music would be promoted, including folk music, it was unanimously decided that Glosfolk would withdraw from its partnership role. Chairman would write to all the other partners, and Arts Council, explaining our reasosn, but making it clear that we were still keen on working with schools and young people to promote music making. It was noted that two other partners, Glouccestershire Academy of Music, and Cheltenham Music Festival, had also withdrawn from the hub.

We probably need to agree on what Glosfolk is here for.
I think we are here to promote (and preserve) folk (music, song, dance, drama, and customs) in and around Gloucestershire.
So if you agree with that, we need to be making sure that every local folk performer is listed in the Glosfolk directory, (lots are not!) that every folk gig is listed in the Glosfolk Diary (lots are not!), and that we take every opportunity to get as much publicity for folk as possible – press, radio, etc. I think we also need to be much more active at displaying the Glosfolk stand at events which attract lots of visitors. And making sure that Glosfolk leaflets are available in Tourist Information Centres, Music venues etc.
We know that ordinary members of the public, of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, like folk music when they hear it. The problem is they do not get the chance to hear it very often. There are lots of music events in and around the county going on, but we often do not get to hear about them until the guest lists have been finalised – why not? If we had better intelligence, we could approach organisers to see if folk performers could get more opportunities. We do this OK with Gloucester City Council, and Gloucester Quays, because of hard work in the past cultivating contacts.
Gloucestershire does get quite a few nationally known folk artists performing – we have this year had The Dubliners, Fairport Convention, Fishermans Friends, Feast of Fiddles, Peter Knight, John Kirkpatrick, and will soon have Cara Dillon, Nancy Kerr & James Fagin, Karine Polwart, Dick Gaughan, and Carthy & Swarbrick coming. But we did not get The Chieftains, Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham, or Transatlantic Sessions, and are not getting Altan, Chris Newman & Maíre Ní Chatasaigh, Kathryn Tickell, Andy Cutting, The Mandolinquents, Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy, Tim Van Eyken, Jez Lowe, Bellowhead, or Kate Rusby, although they are coming to nearby venues in the next few months. Why are these artists not being booked by Gloucestershire venues? What can Glosfolk do about it? If anything!
Running events ourselves has been suggested – however, we and previous committees have almost never been successful in attracting the general public, so MASAD, and the ‘Free-for-All’ which preceded it, have always been folkies performing in front of other folkies. Nothing wrong with that, but not very effective in ‘promoting’ folk! We have in the past, not even been very successful at getting press/radio coverage for the MASAD/Free for All event itself.
We have had some success in adding to the already established evening/weekend folk audience, by trying to start up things in the daytime. Should we be doing more? What about geographical areas of the county where folk is under-represented? Could we use the post code information from the Glosfolk Diary to map the existing coverage and try to establish areas where things could be promoted? Would this be a good project for someone? Is there a techie computer programme for this? Or coloured spots stuck on a paper map of the county?
What else could we, or should we be doing to promote folk?

E-meeting 8/7/12 to 15/8/12
Committee areas of work for 2012/13:

Astrid Cripps:
Manning & updating Display stand
Helping with phone queries, and Diary items
Leaflet & flier design and artwork
Bill Taylor:
Brian Barnes:
South of the county
feedback and diary changes/additions
involvement with the clubs around North Wiltshire, Oxford, Swindon and Bath, softening the boundaries around Gloucestershire.
Glosfolk representative for the Cirencester Community Trust's Cirencester Culture Group (Cirencester  Makes Music initiative).
Christine Reynolds:
Setting up something in Gloucester
Debra Hannis:
Promote folk through a young persons perspective. Try to organise events to promote Glosfolk and spread the word
MySpace web site updating
Setting up and maintaining a Twitter account
Jo Heatley:
Event organisation
Developing links with younger audiences
Peter Cripps:
Diary & Main Web site maintenance and updating
Press & media
Liaison with local councils, other agencies, including GAVCA, GRCC, Age UK, EFDSS
E-mails to membership
Manning Display stand
Intelligence (ie scanning media, contacts, and looking for opportunities for Glosfolk, performing, publicity, influence etc)
Veronica Lowe:
Liaison with Glos Christmas team
Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult issues, including updating policy

E-meeting 8/7/12 to 12/7/12
Draft minutes of 2012 AGM approved, and posted on web site

E-meeting 15/6/2012 to 19/6/2012:
It was suggested by Bill Taylor that Glosfolk should give financial support to the forthcoming book of Gloucestershire Mummer's Plays compiled by Gerald Tween. It was noted that Peter Cripps was already supporting this with publishing help, and other Glosfolk members had contributed material, but that it was just the sort of thing we should be promoting. It was decided unanimously to give a grant of £40, with the hope that we could have some copies to sell on the Glosfolk stand. The book - 'Step In' is now published as of 1st July by Vale Publishing Services ISBN 978-0-9514743-5-8 price £10.95 retail, and £8 from Glosfolk, or from the author.

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