2018 Draft AGM Minutes

Draft Minutes of Glos Folk AGM held at The Fountain  Inn, Gloucester 3rd July 2018
The Meeting commenced at 7.35 pm.  Peter Cripps was elected to take the Chair. 
Those present:  Peter Cripps (Chairman), Veronica Lowe (Treasurer) Christine Reynolds, Paul Schofield, Astrid Cripps, (Committee) Gillian & Rob Guest, James Schofield, Bill Craswell.  
Apologies for absence had been received from Glos Folk members Alex West, Dave Scott, Johnny Coppin, Bill Taylor Chris Arscott, and Gareth Heatley.
The Minutes of the 2017 AGM (already circulated on web) were approved. The Chairman enlarged on the reply received from EFDSS Chief Executive, about the lack of interest/activities in Gloucestershire by the society. Rob Guest had found the ‘Making Music’ organisation very helpful for the Taborer’s Society. It was agreed to look into this.
The Glos Folk Annual Report (already circulated on web) was approved. There was a lengthy discussion, initiated by Paul Schofield, about the criteria for performers to be included (or not) in the Glos Folk Diary. The Chairman explained our priorities under the Glos Folk constitution, and admitted that decisions were often difficult. Paul asked for more consistency to be applied.
The Financial Report & Accounts for 2016/17 (already circulated on web) were approved. The Treasurer reported a good response to our appeal for funds, with £170 being donated.
Nominations for the committee of Astrid Cripps, Bill Taylor, Christine Reynolds, Peter Cripps, Paul Schofield, Veronica Lowe, previously received, were accepted, and those people elected to serve for the next year. Bill Craswell was co-opted to the committee (nomination received after the cut off date for elected members.) Under the terms of the constitution officers (Chairman, Treasurer etc) are appointed by the committee. 
Amendments to our ‘Vulnerable Adults and Child Protection Policy’ and ‘Equal Opportunities/Diversity Policy’ were not needed at this time. An explicit statement that membership was open to all folk enthusiasts, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, etc, had been added to our application forms. Veronica Lowe was re-appointed as Responsible Officer. 
The new Privacy Statement, and Data Protection Policy (to comply with GDPR) was approved, and Peter Cripps appointed as Data Protection Officer.
Any Other Business: 
Veronica Lowe reported on developments from the GlosTrad project. The funding involvement of the Heritage Lottery Fund is finished, but the www.Glostrad.com  website is running, and is being added to every week, and will soon have even better search facilities. It is a huge resource for singers and musicians as well as local historians, and work is ongoing. There have been several new publications, including one with details of the histories of some of the source singers.
Peter Cripps reported that Glos Folk now holds the balance of the Mummer’s Play books to sell, kindly donated by author Gerald Tween.
The Chairman thanked all the members of the committee, and others who had helped in any way, for their efforts during the past year. He also thanked everyone for coming and contributing so positively to the meeting. 
We still have a good quantity of copies of the ‘Gloucestershire Folk Map’ to give out at events. 
The Chairman was thanked for all his hard work and enthusiasm during the year. Bill Taylor, and The Fountain Inn, were thanked for allowing us the use of the facilities
The meeting closed at 8.13pm,. 

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