Treasurer Veronica Lowe, and Chairman Peter Cripps signing cheques at 2016 AGM

Draft Minutes of 2017 AGM

Draft Minutes of Glos Folk AGM held at The Fountain  Inn, Gloucester 4th July 2017
The Meeting commenced at 7.32 pm.  Peter Cripps was elected to take the Chair. (Proposed by Rob Guest & Gillian Guest)
Those present:  Peter Cripps (Chairman), Veronica Lowe (Treasurer) Christine Reynolds, Paul Schofield, Bill Taylor (Committee) Gillian & Rob Guest, Chris Arscott, James Schofield.  
Apologies for absence had been received from Glos Folk members Alex West, Dave Scott, Johnny Coppin, and Astrid Cripps, and Gareth Heatley.
The Minutes of the 2016 AGM (already circulated on web) were approved. There were no matters arising from the minutes.
The Glos Folk Annual Report (already circulated on web) was approved. Positive comments were made about the appearance of the report. Peter Cripps highlighted the great success of the Diary and Directory parts of the web site, (250 visits a week) and that the weekly mailings had added to the traffic. The number of events included in the Diary (2461 in the year) was particularly gratifying. Many people commented that Diary entries had resulted in increased numbers attending events, especially from ‘out of county’. The committee are continually trying to get paid performance opportunities for members, and have again been successful in doing so, especially through Marketing Gloucester Ltd, and The Quays Centre. However, changes in the management of these organisations may or may not lead to reduced opportunities in the future. Some recent urgent requests for musicians etc had met with an excellent response. There was some discussion on whether performers who benefit from these opportunities could be asked for a booking fee or similar to benefit Glos Folk funds. The ‘GlosTrad’ project (now wound up) had gone very well, with over 700 songs and 500 tunes made available. In response to a question, the Chairman clarified that the Diary, and the Directory of Performers, were on two different web sites. For marketing purposes, and for simplicity, all enquirers were directed to (The Directory) and the Diary accessed through a link. However regular users could ‘bookmark’ and go direct to the Diary page.
The Financial Report & Accounts for 2016/17 (already circulated on web) were approved. Although Income was below Expenditure, our financial balance of over £300 was sufficient for our present needs, but an appeal for donations would be launched very soon. Our main expenses are Business Registration (to protect our name against misuse), EFDSS Affilliation fee (To provide PLI cover, inter alia), and web hosting. These will be urgently reviewed by the committee, to make sure all our expenses are really necessary.
Nominations for the committee of Astrid Cripps, Bill Taylor, Christine Reynolds, Peter Cripps, Paul Schofield, Veronica Lowe, previously received, were accepted, and those people elected to serve for the next year. The chairman pointed out that further members could be co-opted at any time, and that under the terms of the constitution officers (Chairman, Treasurer etc) are appointed by the committee. 
Reviews of our ‘Vulnerable Adults and Child Protection Policy’ and ‘Equal Opportunities/Diversity Policy’ were not needed at this time. An explicit statement that membership was open to all folk enthusiasts, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, etc, had been added to our application forms. Veronica Lowe was re-appointed as Responsible Officer. 
Any Other Business: 
There were some comments about the increasing number of ‘out of county’ postings on the Facebook page. A reminder would be posted, and administrators would delete items where necessary.
Some concerns were raised about EFDSS website, and policies. The Chairman said he would take these up with the Society.
The Chairman thanked all the members of the committee, and others who had helped in any way, for their efforts during the past year. He also thanked everyone for coming and contributing so positively to the meeting. The flow of information for forthcoming events for the Glos Folk Diary was very much appreciated, as well as the pointing out of the inevitable errors and omissions. 
We still have a good quantity of copies of the ‘Gloucestershire Folk Map’ to give out at events. 
The Chairman was thanked for all his hard work and enthusiasm during the year. Bill Taylor, and The Fountain Inn, were thanked for allowing us the use of the facilities
The meeting closed at 8.19pm, and was followed by the usual Tuesday evening music & song session. 

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