Music session following the 2013 AGM - Hon President Johnny Coppin talking to Jo Heatley


The Annual General Meeting of Glos Folk will be held on Tuesday July 3rd 2018, at The Fountain Inn, Westgate Street, Gloucester at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, but only Glos Folk Members may vote. 

1. Appointment of meeting chair
2. Apologies: so far –  Alex West & Scotty – for note
3. Minutes of last meeting (on web at ) – for approval
4. Annual Report (on web at ) – for approval
5. Financial statement (on web at ) – for approval
6. Appointment of new committee (under Glosfolk constitution, officers are appointed by the new committee at their first meeting) Nominations received from: Astrid Cripps (elected 2009), Bill Taylor (elected 2009), Christine Reynolds (elected 2011), Peter Cripps (elected 2007), Paul Schofield (co-opted 2014, elected 2015) Veronica Lowe (elected 1999). – for vote

7. Proposed that Bill Craswell be co-opted to the committee, proposed Bill Taylor, seconded Christine Reynolds. – for vote.
8. Review of Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection/Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy on web at and  (none required), and appointment of Responsible Officer (Veronica Lowe) - for approval
9. Adoption of Privacy Statement and Data Protection Policy; (on web at ) Appointment of Data Protection Officer (Peter Cripps)- for approval
10. Any Other Business (At the discretion of the chair of the meeting)

Annual Report

It is now 10 years since I was privileged to become Chairman of Glos Folk. In that time a great deal has been achieved in promoting folk music in the county. We are now rightly regarded as the first port of call for  enquiries about performers, events, and customs.      Visitors from other counties are envious of the amount of  information and advice about folk music freely available in Gloucestershire, and often ask “Why does xxxxshire not have a Glos Folk?”. But we cannot afford to be complacent. For      instance, the      future of the weekly folk programme on Radio Gloucestershire is uncertain, and we are keeping a close eye on this. Is there more we could be doing, and should be doing to promote the tradition? Your committee and I would very much like to hear your ideas! 
Peter Cripps

Publicity Stand
The Glos Folk Publicity Stand will be at Deerhurst Flower Festival on the Abbey Lawn for the whole of the August Bank Holiday W/E—25th/27th August—do come and say hello! (And if you want your leaflet/flier to be available for visitors, make sure we have some to give out!)

Arts & Culture
There are numerous arts and culture organisations in the county, including Create Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Arts Council, Air in G, The Cheltenham Trust, Gloucestershire Music, Cheltenham Festivals, Gloucester Culture Trust, etc—and Glos Folk does attempt to be in regular contact with all of them. Our main reason for this, is to try to ensure that the folk arts are not excluded from any planned events, and that we are able to contribute to any planning and policies. Unfortunately, many of these organisations are difficult to engage with, and are not always willing to talk to us, or indeed each other! However, we do intend to keep trying!
Peter Cripps

Opportunities to perform
We have been able to offer Glos Folk members more than a dozen opportunities through the mailing list to perform during the year. We know that many of you welcome learning about these events and are very happy to take part. (including Friggitt, pictured opposite) In turn, many organisations like Marketing Gloucester, The Quays Centre, and others, find it very easy to get us to include their events on our weekly mailing, and are usually assured of a good response. Our policy is to only advertise these opportunities if they are paid, unless the circumstances really are exceptional. We estimate that the local folk economy has gained about £3000 this year, if not more.                                                        
Peter Cripps

We started this financial year with total assets of   £375.03  We had income of £10.14 from book sales, plus 6 pence bank interest.  Expenses included EFDSS Affiliated Membership,         £74.00,  Website renewal                                 £25.52
As it currently stands, the committee make no charge for expenses for their considerable work for Glos Folk.   We made a polite appeal for funds, after last years deficit, which has brought in a generous £170 from many clubs and individuals. Thanks to this, we are now solvent for a year or so. We are most grateful to all who responded. 
Brought forward:                             £375.03
Total income:        £184.20
Total expenditure: £99.52
 Income – expenditure:                    £84.68    
 Total Assets: £459.71 
Veronica Lowe

The Web Sites
The Glos Folk Directory web site has had 7380 hits this year—up 23% and about 140 per week. The most often visited pages are Dance Bands, Singers/Groups, and Folk Clubs.
The Glos Folk Diary page has had 7625 visits, up 10%, about 150 per week. (1/3 returning, 2/3 new) The Diary this year listed a staggering 2312 folk events! 
Our Facebook page now has 563 members — up 71 (14%) on last year. The Mailing List now has 426 members, same as last year. So potentially almost 1000 people        interested in folk! Some overlap, but in excess of 600 by our   reckoning. Over 50 mailings to the membership this year, many of them offering paid             performance opportunities.
The Performers Directory has also seen growth, with now some 291 performers, teachers, clubs, etc listed.   Listing is still free at present, so do let us know about anyone who should be included                                     
Peter Cripps

Sessions & Clubs

The Tuesday Mainly English Music Session continues at the regular venues. Landlords are happy with the arrangements. Thanks are due to the regulars who turn up to lead the session every week. Visitors to the county often find us on Glos Folk Web Site.
The Thursday Folk clubs at Kempley, Mitcheldean and Newent continue to attract good numbers of audience & performers each month as does the Thursday session in Thornbury. 
In the last year I have also been to the Forest of Dean Folk Club, Cheltenham Folk Club, Winchcombe Folk Club, Folk at the Club in Churchdown, and the Wednesday Folk Nights at the Carpenters, Miserden. The Folk Community in Gloucestershire is most welcoming. We can also expect more folk music in The Tall Ship Inn in Gloucester docks in the coming year. Landlords deserve our thanks and support for having our music in their venues as do the organisers of regular clubs.
The Morris Dance Community is active and diverse too. Since Mayday, with Lassington Oak, I have enjoyed the company of Forest of Dean, Tattered Court, Ragged & Old, Bristol Morris,  Miserden, & Gloucestershire Morris Men. 
Radio Gloucestershire have continued to promote Folk Music. Their coverage of May Hill on May Day did us proud. I personally have been into the studios twice this year to perform and be interviewed. 
Bill Taylor

The Glos Folk diary keeps informing people and encouraging them to get involved in folk in the county. 
Folk at Frampton continues to run every Tuesday, still, for now, charging only £1 and the quality of music and singing makes it a real oasis in the week.  
The Community Choir at Churchdown Library is bringing old and new folk song to a new group of participants. We make a lovely noise! 
There is a new singing place: Folk at the Club, at Churchdown Club opposite the Old Elm Inn on Station Rd, on first and third Mondays. It is a relaxed sing-around, and growing, thanks to Glosfolk listings. (Picture below)
Veronica Lowe

Miserden Music Day Saturday 18th August is a charity event raising money for Sue Ryder being organised in the memory of Simon Upton, late Squire of Gloucestershire Morris Men and  Miserden Morris. The event will be held outside The Carpenters Arms. The music will start at 2pm with Gwilym Davies, May Thrill, Friggitt, Rebill, Gloucester Diamonds, and Cobblers Children.There will also be  dance displays and music from local youngsters. In the evening it is party time with music from The Jigantics and Memphis.

Glos Folk   is hopefully now fully compliant with the new regulations. We have written a Privacy Statement, and a Policy for Data Protection to be approved at the AGM. We promise to take care of your data!

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