This summary of the Licensing regulations is just meant to be a guide; no responsibility can be accepted by Glosfolk for any inaccurate or incomplete information.

Under current legislation, if what you do is classed as 'entertainment' then the venue (not you) needs a licence. Morris dancing is classed as 'not entertainment'  so has never needed a licence! The Live Music Bill  came into force on 1st October 2012, and this has had the effect of relaxing this regime to some extent. Small gigs now often do not need an entertainment licence. Any music on licensed premises is be OK up to 11pm, 200 max audience amplified, unlimited audience unamplified. Music on any premises classed as 'workplaces' is also OK  (same audience limits) workplaces will certainly include schools, factories, offices, and any village hall that has an employee (a cleaner?)  The limits on audience sizes will be further relaxed later in the year, and the need for licences for  mummer's plays will also be removed.

Some local councils have licensed Public Open Spaces:
Gloucester City has 9 areas, including: King George V Playing Fields, Hucclecote, Plock Court, Hillfield Gardens, Barnwood Park, King's Square, Llanthony Priory, Gloucester Park, Hempsted Meadow, and 'City Centre Entertainment Area' (Main streets, Cathedral Grounds, Longsmith St, The Oxebode, Barton St, St John's Lane etc) Contact is or 01452 396396.

Cheltenham Borough has Town Centre streets, Imperial Gardens, Pittville Park, Montpellier Gardens (contact is Entertainments Manager Tel: 0844 5762210 ) and Winston Churchill Memorial Gardens (no designated person at present)

Stroud District has Stratford Park. Contact is Rozelle Jachowicz 07812 974826 or

Cotswold District has Cirencester Abbey Park and bandstand. Contact is Cirencester Town Council. 01285 655646  or

Tewkesbury Borough, and Forest of Dean District, have not yet licensed any Public Open Spaces.

Typically the conditions are 10pm or 11pm cut off, and include music, plays, dancing etc. Some venues have a limit on audience numbers. To put on an event in such a space, you do not need any additional licence or Temporary Event Notice, you just need the permission of the owner of the land, or designated 'Premises Supervisor'
This is the up to date position as at 20/12/12 from the Councils concerned. In due course all this information will be on the DCMS web site at:

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