The History of Glos Folk (as we know it!)

Compiled by Gwilym Davies


1.       Summary

Glos Folk arose from the ashes of the EFDSS district committee.  Then the committee was closely linked to the EFDSS and regularly channelled funds back to Cecil Sharp House.  The committee activities through the 70s and 80s included the Playford Ball, National Folk Day, The Annual Free-for-all in February at St Barnabas Hall, Hobby Horse Club (run by the late Joy Parkhouse & Diana Merrett), Bredon music workshops, Saturday barn dances and fund-raising jumble sales, plus initially publishing Folkwrite before the late Pat Scrase took it on.


1987 – Peter Kennedy became president. 


Not sure when the EFDSS district committees were scrapped but from that point, the committee became ‘Gloucestershire Folk’.  When Pat died in 2000, GF took on the publication of Folkwrite, then it passed to Flos Headford but finally lapsed.  Also in 2000, published the first copy (hardcopy) of the Gloucestershire Folk Directory, which in time became the GF web directory.




2.      Information from Folkwrite


1977 -Audrey Armstrong was District Sec (FW1) – Glos district of EFDSS


1978 – dtto – organising dance workshops


1979 – Organised National Folk Day plus District Happening at St Barnabas


May 1980 – Audrey retired afer 32½ years as District Sec.  Party for her at AGM


1981-1982 – Chairman Lionel Parkhouse, Pre Michael Rayward, Vice -  P Dave Brown.  Organised Cowley Manor weekend plus Playford Ball.


Tina Brown was FW editor in 1982.1982 – organised the Free for all.  Folk Day 1982. Cowley Manor weekend.  Sec was Pat Scrase.  Golden Jubilee Ceilidh.  Money transferred to London HQ


1984 – organised National Folk Day.  Hobby Horse Club.Vice Chairman was Rod Penlington


1985 – Pat Scrase took over FW.  Gerry Phelps as Vice Chairman.  Music workshops


Late 87 – Presidency changed from Michael Rayward to Peter Kennedy, with Derek Appleing as Vice P


1990 FW only listing local sec


1991 – Betty Roud was secretary – still organising music workshops, Free for all, Saturday Barn Dances, Playford Ball, jumble sales, Hobby Horse Club etc,


1994 – folk day in Imperial Gardens


1999 – AGM of  Gloucestershire Folk 19th May.  HHClub continuing


2000 – June  - Pat Scrase had died and Gloucestershire Folk published Folkwrite Emergency.  Now called Glos Folk as well as Gloucestershire Folk.  . Committee was Cresby, Gwilym, Bill Pullen, Terry Haines, Paul Burgess, Chris Beaumont, Veronica Lowe, Chris Burge, Charles Menteith.


2000 – July – first mention of the Directory (was then a hard copy).


Oct 2000- Glos Folk directory now on line (on Gwilym’s server).  Folkwrite is now ‘Published by Gloucestershire Folk’.


Winter 2002 – Folkwrite now free.


Summer 2002 – Flos Headford took over publication of Folkwrite



3.      Notes from Glosfolk emails:


2003: Peter Kennedy (President) Geoff Wyatt (Chair) Stephen Rowley (Vice Chair), Tony Bergonzi (Sec), Veronica Lowe (Treasurer).

Anne & Derek Appleing, Elizabeth Redvers-West, Michael Lakin, Gwilym Roberts, Paul Burgess, Terry Haines, Cresby Brown


Organised Free-for-All and Youth Action Zone scheme 


Started Pipe and Tabor festival (2000)


2004 Committee: Geoff Wyatt (Chair); Steve Rowley (Vice-Chair);

 Norma Mills (Secretary); Mick Lakin (Committee)

 Terry Haines (Observer); Gillian (Observer, Pipe & Tabor enthusiast); Elizabeth Redvers-West; Gwilym Davies; Veronica Lowe; Peter Kennedy.


2006 Committee Gwilym Davies ( Acting Chair); Geoff Wyatt (Committee); Norma Mills (Secretary); Veronica Lowe (Treasurer); Derek Appleing; Ann Appleing; Ralph Harrison; Clare Roberts; Polly Kettle; Sam Simmonds; Elaine Simmonds; Jenny and Tony Davis; Martin & Shan Graebe; John Mills; Dave & Elizabeth Akhuns;

Doug Watt: Elizabeth Redvers-West; Steve Rowley Terry Haines; Mick Lakin; Lionel and Joy Parkhouse; Jan McKee; Mhairi Strauss.


2006 Contacts with Folk South West


April 2007 Glosfolk open day = first MASAD





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