Style Guide for Diary Entries

 A typical entry in the Glosfolk Diary will look something like:

February 30

*Sid Kipper (Folk Megostar and Monster of Mirth) will be in concert at The Red Lion, 123 Any Street, Your town ZZ9 9AA 8pm £99 Info: 01999 444333.  Web site

Note the inclusion of a post code (for sat nav owners) and a phone number (for news media and IT illiterates!)

I keep the diary in plain text in a word document, so prefer details sent as such in the body of an e-mail so I can copy & paste directly in to the Diary. I hate fancy formatting, emboldening, and bullet points! I also find difficulty in accessing the information from JPEGs and PDFs.

However I would much prefer to get information, than not get it! I also do not mind if a date is received twice. (However it throws me if the info is different each time)

I do not trawl the web sites of morris sides, and venues, for information, but much prefer it sent to me!

I send a digest to all the local newpapers and radio stations each Friday morning, giving them seven clear days notice

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