2019 Annual General Meeting Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes of 2019 Glos Folk AGM held at The Fountain Inn, Gloucester 25th July 2019

The meeting commenced at 7.35pm. Peter Cripps was elected to take the Chair ( proposed by Rob Guest, seconded by Bill Taylor)

Those present:  Peter Cripps (Chairman), Veronica Lowe (Treasurer) Bill Taylor, Christine Reynolds, Paul Schofield, Astrid Cripps, Bill Craswell (Committee) Rob Guest, James Schofield, Chris Arscott, Gareth Heatley.

Apologies for absence had been received from Glos Folk member Gillian Guest.

The Minutes of the 2018 AGM (already circulated on web) were approved. There were no matters arising for mention.

The Glos Folk Annual Report (already circulated on web) was approved. The Chairman expressed thanks to Bill Craswell for helping to clear the Folk Directory of redundant entries, although there were still some broken links remaining. (Working on them!) Paul Schofield wondered if the report was perhaps too optimistic about the popularity of traditional music, he is finding it increasingly difficult to find and engage traditional performers at The Carpenter’s. The Chairman agreed, but said he thought the best way to popularise our music was to give people the opportunity hear it, which is what we had been trying to do, through our contacts with Gloucester BID, Marketing Gloucester Ltd, and The Three Choirs Festival. He explained that Cheltenham had recently set up a BID (Business Improvement District) and established Marketing Cheltenham Ltd, so this may lead to performance opportunities. Glos Folk is trying to meet with them to explore possibilities. There was some discussion about the situation in Stroud, and Paul Schofield promised to supply contact details of useful people. (Note: this has been done, and some leads followed up) The Olympus Theatre in Gloucester, which is being refurbished, and brought back in to use, will be a useful performance venue – as well as a 450+ seat theatre, there is a large café/bar area, and the people behind the project want to see the building in use seven days a week, daytime and evenings. Glos Folk is represented on their Board of Trustees. The Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham was suggested as a useful and under used venue, and the Chairman said he would try to make contact with them. Rob Guest expressed his thanks for the work that goes in to compiling the Glos Folk Diary, and the weekly mailing, and how useful this was for people finding out what events were on, especially for visitors to the county. Bill Craswell asked if the printed copy of the report could be made available as a PDF on the web. The Chairman admitted he did not know how to do that! Help was promised. (Mission Accomplished! Now on Glos Folk website at Annual Report and easily accessible from the index page.)

The Financial Report & Accounts for 2018/19 (already circulated on web, and included in the Annual Report) were explained by Treasurer Veronica Lowe, and approved. Since the end of the financial year, we had received £45 from Marketing Gloucester for organising the music at The Waterways Museum during the Tall Ships Festival.

Nominations for the committee of Bill Craswell, Astrid Cripps, Bill Taylor, Christine Reynolds, Peter Cripps, Veronica Lowe, previously received, were accepted, and those people elected to serve for the next year. Paul Schofield had been previously nominated, but announced he wished to stand down. He was thanked for his service as a committee member, and his efforts to promote folk music, particularly at Miserden.

Under the terms of the constitution officers (Chairman, Treasurer etc) are appointed by the committee. 

Amendments to our ‘Vulnerable Adults and Child Protection Policy’ and ‘Equal Opportunities/Diversity Policy’ and ‘Privacy Statement, and Data Protection Policy’ (to comply with GDPR) were not needed at this time.  Veronica Lowe was re-appointed as Responsible Officer, and Peter Cripps re-appointed as Data Protection Officer. Favourable comments were made on the concise and succinct Data Protection Policy, which had been used by others as a template. Peter explained he has searched the web, and selected several policies developed by others, and amended/combined them to suit our needs. He had, in the light of recent TV publicity, also devised a handout on Child Performance Licences, which were now often needed for children under school leaving age who perform in public. This is now on the web site.

Any Other Business: 

Astrid Cripps wanted to thank all present for their efforts through the year in singing, playing, running sessions, dances, clubs, radio programmes, and keeping folk music going in the county.

The Chairman thanked all the members of the committee, and others who had helped in any way, for their efforts during the past year. He also thanked everyone for coming and contributing so positively to the meeting. 
The Chairman was thanked for all his hard work and enthusiasm during the year. Bill Taylor, and The Fountain Inn, were thanked for allowing us the use of the facilities

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

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